21 July 2013

Biology Mcqs XI [Nutrition] Online Test 2

Biology Mcqs XI [Nutrition] MCQS Online Test - 2

Biology Aptitude Test. 15 More Questions from Chapter # 12 Nutrition.
Q1.Which one of the following is not a symptom of Phosphorus deficiency
Q2. Stomatal opening and closing is best regulated by:
Q3. Element essential for the formation of green pigment i.e., chlorophyll is:
Q4. Element necessary for the growth of nitrogen fixing bacteria — essential for the growth of nodules and legumes is:
Q5. Element essential for the growth of soya bean Is:
Q6. Parasite which entirely depend on other living organisms for their nutrition are known as:
Q7. Parasites which depend on dead or rotten organic remains of plants and animals are called:
Q8. Loranthus, a partial stem parasite, can manufacture some of its food with the help of nutrients and water absorbed from the host plants through:
Q9. Cuscuta (Amer-bail) is:
Q10. Sandal Wood tree is an important example of
Q11. Insectivorous plants commonly grow in areas where is deficient due to unfavourable atmosphere:
Q12. “The most wonderful plant in the world” called by Charles Darwin is:
Q13. A rootless aquatic plant with floating stem, have two lobed mobile lamina and sensitive jointed hairs is:
Q14. Some animals feed upon fragments of decomposing material and contribute to the process of break down. They are called:
Q15. Detritivoves include:
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