21 July 2013

Biology Mcqs XI [Gaseous Exchange] Online Test 2

Biology Mcqs XI [Gaseous Exchange] MCQS Online Test - 2

Biology Aptitude Test. 20 More Questions from Chapter # 13 Gaseous Exchange.
Q1. Function of Surfactant is:
Q2. Concerning events take place in Expiration, which statement is not correct?
Q3. Concerning events take place in Inspiration which statement is not correct?
Q4. Respiratory center located in which part of Brain?
Q5. Degenerative disease of lungs in which alveoli gradually deteriorate when some toxic substances are constantly inhaled is:
Q6. Disease manifested by recurrent attacks of breathlessness, accompanied by wheezing when breathing our is:
Q7. An infectious disease of the lung is.
Q8. The total average lung capacity of adult human being is about of air:
Q9. With an extra deep breath, the maximum volume of air inspired and expired called:
Q10. Vial Capacity averages about:
Q11. With an extra deep breath, the remaining volume of air remained in the lung is:
Q12. Hemoglobin is _______ containing protein.
Q13. Protein found in the muscle which can bind to oxygen more tightly than hemoglobin is:
Q14. Water of R.B.C. transports % carbon dioxide.
Q15. Water of plasma transports _____% of CO2.
Q16. Each Hemoglobin molecule binds up to _____ oxygen molecules.
Q17. ______ cells have chloroplast.
Q18. Haemoglobin carries times more oxygen than plasma.
Q19. T.B. is caued by:
Q20. Rate of breathing is increased due to increase in concentration of _______ in blood.
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