19 July 2013

Biology Mcqs XI [Bioenergetics] Online Test 1

Biology Mcqs XI [Bioenergetics] MCQS Online Test - 1

Biology Aptitude Test. 15 Questions from Chapter # 11 Bioenergetics.
Q1. Capturing and conversion of solar energy from one form to another in the living system and its utilization in metabolic activities is called:
Q2. Endergonic Reactions include:
Q3. Process of Photosynthesis:
Q4. Carotene give ___________ appearance:
Q5. Pigments present in plants are most important in the conversion of:
Q6. Chlorophyll-a give appearance of:
Q7. Xanthophyll give ______ appearance:
Q8. The empirical formula of the chlorophyll-a molecule is:
Q9. The empirical formula of the chlorophyll-b molecule is:
Q10. Light independent reaction, Calvin — Benson cycle consists of 13 main reactions catalyzed by _____ enzymes:
Q11. The Calvin cycle is divided into three distinct phases:
Q12. The site of photosynthesis in plants is:
Q13. Phtosystem I contains _______ chlorophyll-a molecules at the reaction centers.
Q14. Photosystem II contains Chlorophyll-b molecule at the reaction centers:
Q15. Rubisco is the only enzyme found in:
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