12 June 2013

Biology Mcqs XI [Variety of Life] Online Test 3

Biology Mcqs XI [Variety of Life] MCQS Online Test - 3

Biology Aptitude Test. 19 More Questions from Chapter # 05 Variety of Life.
Q1. Minus - strand RNA viruses are?
Q2. Infectious circular molecules of RNA that lack capsids and ascociated proteins are known as:
Q3. Viruses carry the RNA strand complementary to the mRNA that carries the genetic information are:
Q4. In Bacteriophage viruses, a long DNA molecule is coiled within the:
Q5. A virus that produces only by a lytic cycle is a:
Q6. Concerning lysogenic cycle replication of viral genome which statement is correct:
Q7. About one third of viral infections of upper respiratory tract (colds) are caused by:
Q8. ‘HIV’ is included in group.
Q9. Rabies is caused by:
Q10. Measles and Mumps in humans are caused by:
Q11. If a plant inherits a viral infection from a parent, then this is:
Q12. If a plant is infected from an external source of virus through injured parts or through insects then this is:
Q13. In 90% of HlV cases, the transmission is achieved by:
Q14. ‘HIV' mainly affects:
Q15. The best known drug used to slow the progression of AIDS is:
Q16. Hepatitis is an inflammation of the:
Q17. 'Hepatitis A' is caused by:
Q18. In AIDS, 'D' stand for:
Q19. Temperate Phage may exist as:
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