8 June 2013

Biology Mcqs XI [Unity of Life Mcqs] Online Test 1

Biology Mcqs XI [Unity of Life Mcqs] MCQS Online Test - 1

Biology Aptitude Test. 22Questions from Chapter # 02 Unity of Life Mcqs.
Q1. Chemically, protoplasm contains:
Q2. If water is evaporated, the remaining dry weight of the cell consists of:
Q3. During photosynthesis, which one is used as reducing agent:
Q4. Regarding chemical composition of cells, which combination is correct?
Q5. Regarding nucleic acid composition (in%) of cell:
Q6. Percentage of elements by weight in human body (In descending order):
Q7. Regarding water molecule:
Q8. Regarding buffer:
Q9. Huge and highly organized molecules that form the structure & carry out activities are called:
Q10. The joining of two monomers is called:
Q11. A process during which polymers are broken down into monomers by the addition of H2O is called
Q12. Which element constitutes highest percentage by weight in human body?
Q13. Which element is important for protein synthesis, nucleic acids, hormones, co-enzymes?
Q14. Biological molecules can divided into main classes:
Q15. Protein constitute__________% of dry weight of cell.
Q16. Proteins are the complex organic compounds having:
Q17. Dutch Chemist G.J. Murlder recognized the importance of protein as vital compound in:
Q18. Amino Acids are:
Q19. In polypeptide chain, amino acids are linked together by the process of:
Q20. There are _____basic structural level of proteins:
Q21. Rigid and tubular helical structure of protein is characteristic of:
Q22. Hemoglobin is an example of:
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