5 May 2013

Physics Karachi Board XI [Scope of Physics] Online Test - 2

Physics Karachi Board XI [Scope of Physics] MCQS Online Test - 02

Physics Aptitude Test. 14 Questions from Chapter 01 Scope of Physics.
Q1.The quantum theory was introduced (in 1900) by
Q2. The dimensions of weight are
Q3. The dimensions of angular momentum are
Q4. The SI unit of angular displacement is
Q5. The dimensions of frequency are
Q6. One micro meter is equal to
Q7. Significant figure in 0.0001 are
Q8. Candela is the unit of
Q9. The unit of absolute temperature is
Q10. The atomic bomb is based of the principle of
Q11. The prefix pico represents
Q12. Which of the following is dimensionless?
Q13. One giga is equal to
Q14. Light year is a unit of:
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