31 May 2013

Physics Karachi Board XI [Motion In Two Dimension] Online Test 2

Physics XI Karachi Board [Motion In Two Dimension] MCQS Online Test - 2

Physics Aptitude Test. 15 More Questions from Chapter 04 Motion In Two Dimension.
Q1. When an object moves along a circular path its velocity
Q2. When a stone is whirled in a horizontal circle by means of a string, the centripetal force is supplied by
Q3. A stone is whirled in a vertical circle at the end of a string. When the stone is at the highest position, the tension in the string is
Q4. A stone is tied at the end of a cord and is whirled from the other end in a circle at constant speed. If the cord breaks, the stone moves along
Q5. A car moving with a uniform speed of 2 m/s in a circle 0.4 m. Its angular speed in rad/sec
Q6. The relation b/w maximum horizontal range and corresponding height is
Q7. If a body of mass m is moving with constant speed V (also tangential velocity) in a circular path of radius r, Its tangential acceleration is
Q8. π radian =
Q9. A point on the rim of a wheel moves 0.2 m when the wheel turns through an angle of 0.1 radian. What is the radius of the wheel.
Q10. A car of mass 1 kg moves round a curve whose radius of curvature is 100 m at a speed 10 Ms-1. What is the centripetal force on the car.
Q11. At maximum height the velocity component which becomes zero is
Q12. A projectile is fired at π/3 radians with range R1 and another projectile is fired at π/6 radians with range R2 ,then the relation is
Q13. A bomber drops a bomb when it is vertically above the target, it missing because of
Q14. To improve the jumping record, a long jumper should
Q15. In order to throw a projectile, half of its maximum horizontal range, the angle of projection should be
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